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September 11, 2014
Voice of America features EMERGENCY hospital in Kabul
September 15, 2014
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Supporter spotlight: Astrid Torresi

“I support EMERGENCY because I have an ideal affinity with the values that are the heart and inspiration of this amazing organization, mainly that everyone deserves the best healthcare, and to have their human rights respected. I see the urgency of taking care of the health issues of people who otherwise would be left behind to their tragic destiny. I appreciate especially the commitment of EMERGENCY in areas of conflict and danger, where just reaching the hospital is a big challenge both for the patients and the personnel.

Astrid_AprilEMERGENCY runs its mission of building very functional and also beautiful hospitals in risky and under-served regions with attention to the needs of the local population. Without hurting the environment, EMERGENCY reaches the most needy people with free healthcare, advocating for a peaceful resolution of conflict in every part of the world. They try also to give the opportunity to qualify and instruct local personnel and to get the involvement of the local authorities, with the hope that one day the hospital will become a permanent asset of that community.

I feel so grateful for EMERGENCY and EMERGENCY USA. Besides, I have met wonderful people among its supporters, and this makes me proud and happy to be part of such a motivated and generous group of supporters. I just wish we could do more and because of that I try to give my continued support.

– Astrid Torresi, EMERGENCY USA volunteer in Atlanta

To join Astrid in supporting the mission of EMERGENCY USA, please click here to learn about volunteer opportunities in your local community!

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