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June 10, 2016
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June 30, 2016
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K’s Search for a Better Life


“It took me more than one year to reach Libya.” K. is from Sierra Leone and he is 20 years old. He became an orphan when he was still a child, and lived in poverty for years. That’s why, when he got the chance, he decided to set off in search for a better life.

“I spent 4 months in Libya, working as a driver. One day, on the way back from work, I was stopped in the street by a gang of armed men. They beat me and stole all the money I had. At the moment, this is the greatest danger in Libya,” explains K, “being beaten and robbed by armed gangs. Libya is very unstable and criminals take advantage of this and, in particular, of people like me who come from Sub-Saharan Africa.”

On Monday morning the ‪#‎Responder, the vessel on which our team is providing medical assistance, arrived at the commercial harbor in Augusta, Sicily. A second EMERGENCY team was at the harbour, waiting to receive the most critical patients. 387 migrants, including K., disembarked the vessel, among them there were 9 children. On the the vessel there were also 57 women, 3 of them are pregnant.


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