Rescue At Sea
July 20, 2016
Aboard the Responder
July 25, 2016
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Saving the Youngest

IMG_0443She was on a dinghy.  Indeed, we went with MOAS to rescue her on the sea, to bring her to Italy and to Europe. To save her. Welcome, little one.

“She was with her mama, on one of the three boats which we rescued on Wednesday,” explains Tijana, a nurse with EMERGENCY, aboard the ship Responder. Altogether, there were more than 350 people. “She was so traumatized by the voyage that she was unable even to cry. Only when she hugged her mother again did she recover. She was freezing and starving. We had her wear a thermal blanket, and gave her something to eat. Finally, she began to laugh and play, with big smiles.” ‪#‎DontStopHumanity

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