How are the programs of EMERGENCY USA different from other humanitarian organizations?
EMERGENCY’s long-term goal is to hand over our medical treatment centers to the local health authorities – if neutrality of care, provided free of charge, can be guaranteed. This is why EMERGENCY offers training programs for local medical and nursing staff in each of its permanent facilities.


What humanitarian programs does EMERGENCY USA support?
We provide high-standard healthcare free of charge to victims of war, landmines and poverty. This includes war surgery, trauma surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiac surgery, first aid, primary healthcare and production of prostheses. EMERGENCY also offers social reintegration programs for landmine amputees.


How are the programs funded?
More than 70 percent of EMERGENCY funds come from private donors. Over 93 percent of funds raised are allocated to humanitarian programs. Administrative costs account for less than 7 percent.


How are the hospital and program locations selected?
This is decided on the basis of the most urgent needs of populations in war-torn countries and post-conflict areas. We then look at available local resources, project feasibility and opportunities.


What happens if a hospital has been turned over to the local health authorities?
EMERGENCY stays involved by providing supervision, continued training and monitoring of compliance with agreed-upon principles and protocols of care.


Are reports about EMERGENCY's activities available?
Yes. There is an annual activity report that gives both a summary of our activities and detailed information on each medical facility and the number of patients treated. Download a copy or request a paper version by emailing info@emergencyusa.org.


What is expected of a volunteer?
Volunteers organize domestic fundraising and educational events.

The first step in accomplishing EMERGENCY USA’s mission is to increase public awareness about the human needs of civilian victims of war and poverty. Volunteers support our mission by organizing events to educate others about EMERGENCY’s field activities.


If there is not a volunteer group in my area how can I start one?
We would be happy to help you locate a group near you and will support you if you want to set up a local volunteer group. Simply contact us and we’ll help you through the process.


Can I start a high school, college or a university club?
That would be amazing. We are always delighted to help students and school advisors to set up a school club. Please contact us at: info@emergencyusa.org.


Can I volunteer abroad?
Only specialized medical and non-medical international staff are employed under professional contract in EMERGENCY’s overseas field missions. Individuals interested in working for EMERGENCY should click here for more information.

Volunteer positions in the USA are always available. See the list of our current national volunteer groups.


How are the physicians, specialists and other paid staff recruited?
The first step to take is to forward your Curriculum Vitae and an application to EMERGENCY's Human Resources Office in Milan, Italy. The "Work in the field" section of this website provides details.


As a medical student am I qualified to work overseas with EMERGENCY?
Because EMERGENCY operates in war-torn countries and in post-conflict areas, there are no overseas student programs. Substantial professional experience is required to provide high-quality care and to train local staff.

However, students play a critical role in supporting EMERGENCY USA by raising awareness, creating opportunities for presentations, and supporting and organizing fundraisers, as well as gathering selected medical surplus.

Another area of possible future student involvement currently under consideration is that of public health, medical data analysis and program evaluation. If you have experience in these areas, please contact us.


Whom do I contact for more information?
Please feel free to contact us at: info@emergencyusa.org.