In March 2012 the Center will be handed over to local health authorities.

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In 1999, following an agreement with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), EMERGENCY opened 4 First Aid Posts and Primary Health Centers (FAP/PHC) in the heavily mined Samlot District crossed by thousands of refugees coming home from Thailand after the war.

A fifth FAP/PHC was opened in January, 2000, in Tasahn, where there was already a treatment center for  malaria ,a disease endemic to that part of the country.

All the FAP/PHC have two ambulances on-call 24/7 for transport of patients to the Surgical Center. Four of the FAP/PHC, handed over to local authorities in 2003, continue to be supported by EMERGENCY via the provision of some medical consumables.

EMERGENCY has a renewed presence in the Samlot District with a FAP in O’Tatiak, where free healthcare for the treatment of malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea and other poverty-linked diseases is provided.


Number of Outpatient Consultations: 244,375*

Number of Patients Admitted: 4,659

Number of Patients Transferred: 308

Local Staff: 4

*This figure also includes consultations at the FAPs in O'Rotkroh, Chamlong Kouy, Tasanh, and O'Chom and O’Tatiak.

Four of these First Aid Posts were handed over to local authorities in 2003, but Emergency is still providing supplies of medical consumables. The last Fap managed by Emergency, in O'Tatiak, was given to local authorities in july 2009.

Data as of July 2009

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