Surgical Center

In 2001, EMERGENCY opened the Surgical Center in Goderich, a village located in the outskirts of Freetown. An abandoned medical clinic was renovated and transformed, and with new buildings added to create a high quality Medical and Surgical Center to treat war victims and orthopedic patients. The criteria for admissions were later expanded to include all surgical emergencies.

Two new wards were added in 2003, one of which was specifically intended for treating patients suffering from pediatric malaria, acute anemia and respiratory infections.

Unique in Sierra Leone, EMERGENCY has implemented a project to treat life-threatening esophageal burns caused by accidental ingestion of caustic lye.  Cases with this type of injury are seen relatively frequently since many households use this ingredient to produce homemade soap.

The international personnel provide training for local staff members. This program, as with all EMERGENCY programs, builds capacity in the local health system.

The local health authorities specifically asked EMERGENCY to provide training for anesthetic nurses. This program has been granted official recognition as a professional training institute.


Date opened: November 2001

Number of Surgical Outpatient Consultations: 245,520

Number of Surgical Patients Admitted: 28,027

Number of Surgeries: 30,752

Activities: Emergency and Trauma Surgery, Orthopedic and Reconstructive Surgery

Capacity: 100 beds

National staff: 250

Facilities: 6 Wards (3 Male Wards, a Female Ward, a Surgical Pediatric Ward and a Medical Pediatric Ward), Laboratory and Blood Bank, Sterilization Room, X-ray Department, Emergency Department, Surgical Outpatient Department (OPD), 2 Operating Theatres, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Physiotherapy Department, Pharmacy, Auxiliary Services, Classrooms,Children’s Playroom.

Data as of December 2013