Pediatric Center

Once EMERGENCY’s Surgical Center opened in Goderich, the need for a pediatric outpatient department (OPD) soon became evident. Huge numbers of children were arriving at the hospital in need of treatment for respiratory tract infections, malaria and malnutrition.

In 2002, a Pediatric OPD was opened adjacent to EMERGENCY’s Surgical Center.

An average of 1,300 children are treated every month at the center. Principally treated are cases for cerebral malaria, severe respiratory insufficiency and acute anemia. These patients are transferred to the adjacent hospital.

Since 2005, the OPD staff has also run a project for the prevention of malnutrition. Courses provide education on hygiene and nutrition to mothers, while children are undergoing treatment.

In June 2008, in collaboration with Parma University (Italy), EMERGENCY began implementing a program to provide a newly developed protein-rich food for malnourished children. For local sustainability and self-sufficiency, this food is made with ingredients easily available in Sierra Leone.


Date opened: April 2002

Number of Surgical Outpatient Consultations: 177,292

Number of Surgical Patients Admitted: 13,365

Activities: Pediatrics, Treatment for Tropical and Infectious Diseases 

Capacity: 16 beds

National staff: 8

Facilities: 2 Consultation Rooms, 16-bed Medical Ward and Shared Auxiliary Services with the Surgical Center.

Data as of December 2013