The Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery

The Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery offers high-standard surgical care to children and adults suffering from acquired or congenital heart diseases. It is located in Soba, a village 20 kilometers from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. The Salam center is presently the only specialized and completely free-of-charge facility in an 11.5 million-square-kilometer area (three times the size of Europe) with a population of over 300 million.

The Center began clinical activities in April 2007. Once fully operational, the Salam Center will be able to carry out approximately 1,500 surgical procedures per year, as well as undertake screening and post-operative medical care.

Highly specialized international personnel provide on-the-job training to local staff to guarantee high-quality treatment and sustainability through the transfer of knowledge and skills.

A Regional Network

Serving a part of the world that has been severely tried by decades of war and conflict,
the EMERGENCY Africa Regional Program has as one of its aims to improve, strengthen and foster peaceful relationships between the countries involved through reciprocal cooperation in the public health field.

For this reason, EMERGENCY decided to name the heart of its regional program in Africa Salam, the Arabic word for peace.

The EMERGENCY Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery located in Khartoum, Sudan, is the hub of a regional program that goes beyond the boundaries of the country. Originally designed to treat patients from Sudan's nine neighboring countries, the Salam Centre has now developed an international network that reaches over 20 countries.

Patients are screened and receive follow-up care provided by specialized teams either in EMERGENCY's facilities in Africa and Asia or in local hospitals affiliated with the program. In many cases they are also referred directly to the Salam Center by medical institutions and organizations operating in countries where no service is available.

Whenever needed, EMERGENCY provides free transportation for foreign patients to and from the Salam Center. Relatives accompanying young patients are accommodated in the Salam Center’s guest house located within the hospital compound.

In agreement with the Sudanese Health Authorities, patients coming from abroad are entitled to receive all services free of charge. For any patient operated on at the Salam Center, EMERGENCY guarantees long-term follow-up and medications as needed.

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Date opened: April 2007

Number of Patients Triaged: 49,882

Number of Cardiological Examinations: 42,436

Number of Admitted Patients: 6,152

Number of Surgical Interventions: 5,261

Number of Cath Lab Procedures: 1,221

Number of Patients from Outside Sudan: 852 (from 24 countries)

Activities: Open Heart Surgery - Pediatric and Adult, Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology  

Capacity: 63 beds 

National Staff:

Facilities: 3 Operating Theaters and Sterilization Room, 15-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 16-bed Sub-intensive Care Unit, 32-bed Surgical Ward, 2 Outpatient Departments (OPD), Radiology and Ultrasound Department, Laboratory and Blood Bank, Catheterization Laboratory, Physiotherapy Department, Pharmacy, Offices, Warehouses, Ancillary Services, 50-bed Guesthouse for Patients’ Relatives.

Data as of December 2013