Port Sudan Pediatric Center

In December 2011 we opened a Pediatric Center in Port Sudan to offer free-of-charge, high-quality medical care to children up to age 14.

Port Sudan, capital of Sudan's Red Sea State, is a strategic city for the whole of the country. During recent years, it has had a huge demographic shift, with an increase of its population from 30,000 inhabitants in 2000 to almost 500,000 in 2007. An enormous number of impoverished people have arrived in the city: farmers leaving a countryside desiccated by increasingly frequent droughts, day laborers seeking employment in the harbor, refugees from the region's various armed conflicts.

EMERGENCY's Pediatric Center, built on land granted by the municipality, has 3 outpatient clinics, a 14-bed inpatient hospitalization ward, a 4-bed sub-intensive care unit, a dispensary and spaces for diagnostic exams.




Date opened: December 2011

Number of Outpatient Consultations: 38,382

Number of Admissions: 1,721

Activities: Pediatrics, Primary Health Care

Capacity: 18 beds

National staff: 85

Facilities: 3 Outpatient Clinics, Hospitalization Ward, Sub-Intensive Care Ward, Dispensary, Spaces for Diagnostic Exams, Service Areas.

Data as of December 2013