African Network of Medical Excellence


A meeting was hosted by EMERGENCY in Khartoum, Sudan on February 10th and 11th, 2010 with representatives participating from 10 or more African countries in the region surrounding the Sudan. The meeting was intended to empower collaboration between the countries involved in the "African network of regional excellence."

This approach represents a new model for health care, for international relations, for supporting development in African countries: the question of how to best bring health care to Africa is being discussed. The discussion also centers on cooperation between officials of countries. 

The strengths of this project are twofold: excellence and transnational cooperation.

Excellence guarantees a high clinical standard, the possibility of training qualified health personnel, developing medical research programs and having a positive impact on the advancement of local health systems.

Transnational cooperation is the second key point. In fact, these same African countries will cooperate to promote the project in an international context.

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