EMERGENCY USA suggests “Just War” by Howard Zinn and “Green Parrots: a War Surgeon’s Diary” by Dr. Gino Strada to learn more about the organization, its work and the dire situation of the countries where it operates and that are devastated by war. 
In these two books, you'll find powerful messages from Dr. Strada's personal experience working alongside war victims and compelling insight from American historian and social activist, Howard Zinn.
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Just War is a book based on a talk Howard Zinn and Dr. Gino Strada delivered in Rome in June 2005 that captivated an audience of over 1,000 people. The authors’ powerful message on the devastating effects of war is captured unabridged in this book, with photos by Moises Saman.

Just War



Footage of the 2006 Just War presentation by Howard Zinn and Dr. Gino Strada in Los Angeles, CA:



Green Parrots (Pappagalli Verdi, original Italian) is a book written by war surgeon Dr. Gino Strada, co-founder and executive director of EMERGENCY. He narrates the compelling story of his extraordinary 10-year experience working alongside war victims.

This rhetoric-free book combines private and personal notes, thoughts on the work of a war surgeon and descriptions of places and people where Dr. Strada worked. This direct narration also provides the pressing analysis of the devastating effects of landmines, a central theme of the book.

The English version of Green Parrots was published in November 2004 (Charta Edition) with a foreword by Howard Zinn, American historian, and an afterword by Dr. Gino Strada.

Green Parrots

This book (reprinted over 35 times in Italy) has sold more than 400,000 copies. It has also been translated into French, German, Korean and Japanese.