August 28, 2016: due to security concerns, activities in Libya are suspended.

Since it began in 2011, the civil war in Libya has severely affected the national healthcare system. Due to a widespread lack of resources and staff, access to basic and specialized healthcare is difficult for large portions of the population, including the most vulnerable categories, such as children. Violence and instability have spread throughout the country since the escalation of the war in 2014. Today, half the total population - more than 3 million people – has been impacted and is in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Nearly 2 million people have serious, unmet health needs, especially in the areas of Bengasi, Derna, Zintane and Kikla.

When the conflict began, foreign healthcare operators and the majority of national medical professionals fled or were removed from their positions. As the war continued, the reduction in the export sales of oil and the collapse of the financial system drastically reduced the funds available for healthcare. Currently, hospitals, laboratories, blood banks and other health facilities are increasingly unable to function as they face shortages in medicines and other health supplies. Especially for the wounded - over 20,000 people in the last few months according to the WHO - healthcare cannot be granted.

Gernada Surgical Center

The Ministry of Health of the Tobruk government, based in the city of Al-Bayda, asked EMERGENCY to provide healthcare for the victims of the fighting between ISIS-affiliated militias and government forces in the Benghazi and Derna areas. The Ministry established a hospital, where our project is based, in the village of Gernada.

The main hospital building has 2 operating rooms, an intensive care unit, emergency room and 18-bed inpatient ward. EMERGENCY’s activities at the Surgical Center started in October 2015.

EMERGENCYs international staff is also training local medical and non-medical staff.

In order to maintain our neutrality, during the past few months we have also been in contact with the authorities in Zintane and Misrata and have provided them with medical supplies at their request.