2015: What did we accomplish?

2015 was a huge year for EMERGENCY. How did you help us in 2015 Thank You

We fought Ebola. Our mobile clinics supported migrants and refugees coming ashore in southern Italy. We provided medical care in refugee camps in Iraq. We opened a new hospital in Libya. We upgraded our ICU in Kabul, and we’re now extending our Maternity Centre in Anabah.
We couldn’t have done it without the support of people like you. It is only with your support that we have been able to make a difference to victims of war and poverty around the world.
Here are just some of the projects we have accomplished this year, with the support of people like you:


In 2011, as the international forces chose to resort to war in Libya, EMERGENCY strongly opposed the escalation of the conflict: in our hospitals we witness first hand what choosing war over peace really means and how much suffering and injustice it brings. After four years of war, Libya is a devastated country. In October EMERGENCY opened the Gernada Surgical Centre to provide medical care to the victims of the fighting between ISIS-affiliated militias and government forces in the Benghazi and Derna areas.

ITALY: MEDICAL CARE FOR MIGRANTS AND REFUGEESHow did you help us in 2015 Refugees Migrants photo

2 new Outpatient Clinics and 4 new Mobile Clinics.

Although the right to health is recognised in Italian law, migrants, refugees and disadvantaged individuals often can’t access  treatment because of a lack of knowledge of their rights or for fear of being reported to the police or other local authorities. EMERGENCY’s clinics offer free healthcare to all; our mobile clinics in the harbours at Augusta and Catania operate 24/7 to provide medical assistance during landings ashore.

How did you help us in 2015 - Refugees Migrants quotation


5 new Health Clinics in refugee camps near Kalar and Sulaymaniyah.

Every month, we treat over 2,000 refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s). Mostly they are women and children escaping from war, leaving behind their jobs and their homes. When they reach us they are exhausted, having traveled miles to the camps.

SIERRA LEONE: THE END OF THE EBOLA EPIDEMICHow did you help us in 2015 - Ebola worker

In November we learned with great joy that the epidemic in Sierra Leone was declared over, with a period of ‘high surveillance’ recommended until February. EMERGENCY contributed to the fight against Ebola by opening 2 Treatment Centres and 2 First Aid Posts.

Unfortunately, our work in Sierra Leone is far from over: Ebola has brought the already fragile health care system to its knees and the country now needs our support more than ever.

AFGHANISTAN: RENOVATING OUR HOSPITALSHow did you help us in 2015 - Kabul Quote

Anabah: Our facilities were getting too small to be dealing with over 500 births a months. That’s why we are extending them by adding 2 delivery rooms, 2 operating theatres, a neonatal intensive care ward and a neonatal sub-ICU, an intensive care unit, a clinic, a gynaecology ward, a follow-up area, and a labour area.

Kabul: According to the UN Mission in Afghanistan, in the first 6 months of 2015 war in Afghanistan claimed almost 5,000 civilian victims.

Our Kabul Surgical Centre is always full. In 2015, we renovated the two existing operating theatres and decided to add a third. We have also renovated our ICU unit;

EMERGENCY: HELP US BUILD THE WORLD WE WANT TO SEEHow did you help us in 2015 - Gino Strada Quote

Every day EMERGENCY deals with the destruction and suffering caused by war. As conflicts escalate around the world the need for our work, providing free-of-charge, high quality health care to the civilian victims of war, poverty, and landmines, is ever greater. EMERGENCY has treated over 6.5 million patients since 1994. One in three of those patients is a child. Every day we strive to build the world we want to see. A world based on a culture of peace and respect for human rights; a world without war. One that doesn’t need us anymore.


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