Libya: He’ll recover, but he’ll never forget

He’s lying under a “Cars” blanket, like many children of his age in every corner of the world. But instead of being at home in his own bed, embraced by his parents, Abdulla Hossain is in a hospital for war victims. He’s in our hospital in Libya” says Marina, our Medical Coordinator in Libya.

Since October 2015, EMERGENCY has been providing surgical and medical assistance for victims of the fighting between ISIS-affiliated militias and government forces in the Benghazi and Derna areas. Unfortunately, this story isn’t unique. 90% of the victims in today’s wars are civilians, one in three of them are children.

Luckily his condition isn’t serious, even though he was hit by shrapnel during the bombing of his city, Derna. He was at home with his family, all of them eating together at the table. Because of the fighting, his parents had to wait three days before they were able to bring him to us. Three days before getting any initial treatment. Abdulla Hossain will recover but, like all the children who have to deal with war, he’ll never forget what happened to him.”

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