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Sudan: Without family, what could she do to find help for her baby?

Update From The Field: Sudan

Paediatric Centre, Port Sudan

When Fatima arrived at the Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan she handed us her only child in tears and said ‘Take care of him. Please help me, I don’t know where else to go’.

She had been trying to tend to her newborn by herself. However, she realised that something was wrong. Amir, who seemed such a strong and healthy baby boy, stopped eating, slept all day and had trouble breathing. Then the first convulsions started. Fatima was alone and frantic, she had no idea what to do and she had nobody to turn to. Without family, what could she do to find help for her baby?

Which is when she came to EMERGENCY. By the time he reached us, Amir was in critical condition. We worked hard for days and days to save his life. In the meantime, we also took care of Fatima, giving her new clothes, a bed with clean sheets and warm meals.

After a few weeks, Amir was once again the strong baby Fatima knew and less than a week ago he was sent home. As Fatima walked away with her child, we saw a stronger woman and a healthy baby go on their way. ‘During the time I spent with you,’ Fatima told us before leaving, ‘I found a new family that I can count on. Knowing that you are here makes me feel safer for my future and for the future of my baby.’

— Stefano, Paediatrician at EMERGENCY’s Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan, Sudan

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