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Afghanistan: Update on Situation in Lashkar-Gah


In Lashkar-Gah, southwest Afghanistan, the war continues to create victims.

The city has been bombarded in recent days and is surrounded by Taliban militia. There are intense battles just a few miles away. Most roads are now closed and our staff are shut into our Surgical Centre for War Victims, having stockpiled fuel, gas, oxygen, food, water, and medication for the days ahead.

The location of the hospital is constantly made aware to all belligerents involved in the conflict, who are asked to respect the facilities, its patients and personnel.

In the meantime, the operating rooms are working non-stop.

Our thanks and thoughts go to all of our colleagues – doctors, nurses, and technicians – who have stayed behind in dangerous conditions to treat the constant flow of victims provided by the madness of war.

For more about our work in Afghanistan, click here.


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