Afghanistan: Update on Attack in Central Kabul

At 9am local time, an armed attack in the Sardar Daoud Khan military hospital in Kabul began with a huge explosion. The attack, which took place in the capital’s central Wazir Akbar Khan neighbourhood, has killed more than 30 people and wounded more than 70.

18 wounded patients have arrived at our Kabul Surgical Centre for War Victims.

Sara Cattaneo, EMERGENCY nurse in Kabul says, “We received 18 patients. The majority of these patients had injuries resulting from blast and gunshot wounds. 4 of them have suffered serious harm. The initial explosion was followed by gunshots fired on the second and third floor of the hospital. Among the injured is a 7-year old with serious wounds to the side of his body, caused by the explosion. He is currently under careful observation.”

“The security situation in Kabul is becoming increasingly unstable” adds Sara. “EMERGENCY has been in this country since 1999. Since July 2010, our specialised Surgical Centre has only admitted casualties of war, in response to the worsening effects of conflict on the civilian population. Every day we receive casualties from Kabul and the surrounding provinces. These attacks and today’s targeting of a hospital trample upon fundamental human rights.”


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