Statement on Syria Air Strikes

EMERGENCY on the Syria Attacks: A Failed Approach Is Being Repeated

The massacre in Idlib was the latest in a series of extremely serious incidents during the war in Syria. Before the massacre, there were two choices: to stop and realise that we are accelerating down the road of self-destruction or to react to violence with more violence.

The second choice was made.

The decision of Trump and other allies to join the military mission repeats a story seen before, and it always has the same conclusion. The failed experiences of Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, countries ravaged by conflict with no end in sight, have taught us nothing.

 Across the world, in North Korea, it’s likely to ignite a conflict that will be nuclear.

How many more deaths must there be before they realise that war is always the most inhumane and unnecessary option? Today, we can still decide to renounce war: we have no other alternative but to stop the destruction and violence we are seeing.

War can only be abolished.



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