Iraq: Yunus’s Story

“Today, Yunus is trying his new leg. He lived in the eastern part of Mosul, where he grew potatoes that he sold to make a living. Since the bridges between the eastern and western parts of the city were destroyed by bombing, Yunus was forced to carry his goods by boat from one side to the other. A few months ago, he was crossing the river when he was suddenly hit by a bomb and almost drowned. Yunus was immediately transported to Erbil EMERGENCY Hospital, where we had to amputate his right leg.

After a long period of hospitalisation, we called the EMERGENCY Rehabilitation Centre in Sulaymaniyah a few days ago, where the prosthesis was prepared within 24 hours by our staff, who have already made thousands of new legs. Yunus has already begun to walk. His desire and energy are getting him through the stages of physiotherapy and he has already managed to stop using his crutches. If he continues, he will soon be able to return to Mosul, walking on his legs. Go, Yunus!”

– Giacomo, EMERGENCY coordinator in Iraq.


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