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Happy New Year From EMERGENCY USA

The war in Afghanistan, more and more intense, more and more bloody.

The war in Iraq, with countless refugees and IDPs.

Mosul, the biggest urban battlefield since World War 2.

The work at Sicilian ports to support migrants as they land, the work to help earthquake victims in Central Italy, the work we do for those who need it all over Italy.

And moments of happiness, such as the ‘Sunhak Peace Prize’ awarded to our founder Gino Strada, the inauguration of our new headquarters in Milan, the beginning of construction of our new Centre of Excellence for Paediatric Surgery in Uganda. Our 2017 was very intense: we faced mass casualties, humanitarian crises, we treated victims of war and poverty. We have worked non-stop, every day to do what is right: to provide free, high-quality healthcare care to those who need it. We did it together with all of you, thanks to your support, and we will continue to do so in 2018. As always, THANK YOU.


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