Afghanistan: He Was Playing in His Room When Fighting Drew Near

Last week, Rossella, a member of EMERGENCY staff in Kabul, sent us a story about Anasrullah – one of the young patients at the Kabul Surgical Centre.
“His name is Ansarullah, he’s two years old and he arrived at the Kabul Surgical Centre two days ago. A sign is hanging over his bed, with the words ‘SIPS OF WATER’: that’s the only thing he can consume.
He was playing in his room with his cousin when the fighting drew near to his home. A bullet hit him, piercing his abdomen, injuring his leg and disfiguring his arm.
When it happened, his father was working in a field nearby. He said that his son, as soon as he was injured, started running in the hallway of his house shouting ‘Mummy!’.
His right arm was already gone.”

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