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Sudan: ‘Health Promotion’ in Mayo Camp

At the EMERGENCY Paediatric Centre in the Mayo refugee camp, Sudan, our staff provide free of charge medical care to children up to 14 years old, as well as to future mothers. Paediatric and obstetric visits and follow-ups are performed daily, but we also organise a whole range of other activities.

One activity carried out frequently by our staff is ‘health promotion’: we providepeople in the camp with information about hygiene rules that are fundamental to their well-being.

In a refugee camp like Mayo, inhabited by around 400,000 people and where disastrous sanitary conditions and malnutrition are the main causes of death among children, well-being also means health and nutrition education.

And that’s exactly what we do with our cooking classes: real cooking lessons attended by many mothers who learn how to prepare and cook healthy and nutritious food.

And it looks like someone’s really appreciated it! Bon appetit!


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