Afghanistan: “I’m Trying to Lead a Normal Life, Because Kabul Is My Home”

“Do I feel safe?” Hedayat just smiles, as if to say: “No, of course not. But this is my home, so I’m trying.” His answer does not surprise me.

Hedayat has been working at the EMERGENCY Surgical Centre in Kabul since it opened in 2001. He manages the pharmacy that provides medicine and equipment to all our facilities in Afghanistan, so that we can guarantee health assistance to the population.

“I’m trying to lead a normal life, because Kabul is my home, and I have a right to. I reach the hospital every single day by bike, despite the traffic and the dangers we face on the streets of this city.

I’m not worried about myself, but for my family. A few days ago, we were woken up in the middle of the night by armed clashes. My 6 year old daughter told me: ‘Dad, they’re fighting’.

Knowing that is just part of her everyday life makes me extremely sad.”

— Rossella, from Kabul


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