World Humanitarian Day 2018

“My wife and I were working”, says Muhammad. “We are farmers, humble people, and our children were playing near the house. I went back to the house. I told my wife I was going to wash, and I left the children playing football behind me.

Suddenly, while I was washing, I heard my son shout. I opened the door and saw the child run into the corridor, screaming.

He did not have an arm. He no longer had his right arm.

Life is like this. Your children are playing and suddenly a bullet comes from the mountains – that are so beautiful and so dangerous – a bullet comes and destroys your child’s life, for no reason. And you can’t do anything.”

Life shouldn’t be like this. EMERGENCY treated 3,460 war-wounded patients at its Kabul Surgical Centre for War Victims in 2017. This is the situation that we have faced every single day since the facility opened in 2001.

Today is #WorldHumanitarianDay. We reiterate that we will never stop demanding an end to war, which destroys the lives of countless civilians. Civilians are #NotATarget.



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