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Iraq: I Found So Many People Around Me

  • Iraq

Since 1998, EMERGENCY’s Centre for Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, has provided prostheses, physiotherapy and vocational training to people affected by war and landmines. Aram is a recent graduate of the Centre’s vocational training programme, which has led to the formation of over 350 cooperative businesses.

“I was injured on 20 September 1998 by a landmine while shepherding near my village of Kolitan. One day, I was with my animals close to the village and I wasn’t aware that there were landmines in the surrounding fields. I stepped on one and, suddenly, people that heard the blast knew there had been an accident and came to help me. After I received surgery, I was referred on for medical and physiotherapy services at the Rehabilitation Centre. This is where my prosthesis was made.

I applied to take part in the 2018 Vocational Training Programme and I was accepted. Before I participated in the Course, I was very down, but after having been admitted, I found so many people around me – the teachers, staff and other disabled people – that were really encouraging. I managed to change my mindset and I am feeling very positive now. EMERGENCY gives hope to disabled people to return back into society, with a combination of high quality of prostheses and economic independence.”

Aram successfully graduated from the programme and is now an expert in PVC crafting! And we just received more exciting news: Aram and EMERGENCY are applying the finishing touches to his very own PVC workshop cooperative, which is due to open this week – huge congratulations!


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