Iraq: What Does It Mean To Be a Patient With a Chronic Disease?

  • Iraq

Nura is 12 years old and has been diabetic since she was four. She is one of several patients being treated for chronic conditions at EMERGENCY’s Health Centre in the Ashti IDP Camp in Iraq.

The arrival of ISIS near Baghdad forced Nura’s family to flee the capital and head north, to Salah-ah-Din. It was here that they realised Nura was diabetic.

Before arriving in Ashti, Nura and her siblings spent a year with their uncle in Khalis, because their parents thought it might be safer for them there.

But Nura’s medicines expired, and when she arrived at the camp her face was pallid, there were bags under her eyes, and her glycaemic levels were incredibly high.

Now that she’s resumed her regular medication, her health has improved dramatically.

Twice a month, thanks to EMERGENCY’s transfer service, Nura is examined at the Centre for Diabetes in Sulaymaniyah. Now, with her energy restored, she can go to school again and play with her friends!


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