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EMERGENCY: Annual Meeting 2019

This weekend, the EMERGENCY family will reunite, as it does every year, so that we can remind ourselves of the importance of working together, and of sharing the belief that healthcare is human right and that peace is possible.

This will be our 18th Annual Meeting, and this time we’re meeting in Milan, the city where we were founded, the place where it all began.

As always, it will be an opportunity for colleagues, speakers and supporters from around the world to come together and share ideas, experience, and beliefs.

We’re looking forward to three days of dialogue, congregation, education and above all, community. The unifying thread will be the concept of “resistance”: resistance against war, resistance for those in need.

If you’re in Milan from 28-30 June, EMERGENCY will be waiting with open arms. And for all our friends and supporters abroad – stay tuned!



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