Uganda: A Very Special Group Picture

This is a very special group picture…
So many people who have planned, measured and built, with a will to achieve one unique goal: the right to treatment for everyone in need.

We are on the construction site of our Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Entebbe, Uganda, where from 2020 we will be able to treat children who need medical care.

Walking around this building site, we realise that there are two pillars underlying this project: sustainability and humanity. This hospital is not just the product of meticulous architectural planning that respects nature and the environment, but also a place that is built for people and their treatment.

Trees, earth, sky, water, colours. On the shores of Lake Victoria, our hospital will have big windows and corridors, because we want our little patients to see the day, the night, the movement of clouds, and feel hugged by nature, which encircles the facility.

Excellent, free and universal: regardless of where we operate, that is what we want our work to be.

The hospital in Uganda demonstrates that once again. Building the highest quality hospitals is possible in Africa, just as it is in richer parts of the world. It’s possible because every human has the right to receive the treatment they need.

Here in Uganda, the principles of architecture and medicine come together to create a unique message – a message of peace.


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