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Afghanistan: “You are part of the history of this valley…”

“You are part of the history of this valley in Afghanistan, just as blood is part of the human body,” they told us. In Panjshir, Shahzia recalls the fear she felt before she gave birth to two twins and the happiness in knowing, once they were born, that she and her children were doing well.

Often in Afghanistan, a lack of security, cultural barriers and familial opinions, physical distances, and costs prevent women from accessing healthcare. In our Anabah Maternity Centre, care for mothers and their children is free, because the safe birth and delivery of babies is a human right.

“Bisor Tashakor,” Shahzia tells us, thinking back to the moment in which she held her children in her arms for the first time. “Thank you so much.” Bisor Tashakor to you Shahzia, because the ‘Quiet Revolution’ in Afghanistan starts with women like you.

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