Afghanistan: It’s Only Thanks To Them That I Haven’t Lost My Smile.

I didn’t know the couple so well, but I went to the wedding party anyway to accompany my uncle. During dinner, the music was loud and we had to be close to talk. At around 11pm, I was accompanying a friend to get some food when, suddenly, we were overwhelmed by a very strong explosion. Around us only terror, death and the screams of the wounded.

Only later did I find out that 60 people were killed and more than 180 injured in the attack.

I found myself on the ground and immediately tried to get up to help my uncle. At that moment, I realised that I would never walk again. Before the explosion, a 40-year-old dad and his son sat next to me: after the attack, I was lying on their helpless bodies.

About an hour later they brought me here. They operated on me the same night. When I regained consciousness, EMERGENCY’s doctors explained that shrapnel had reached my spine, causing very serious abdominal injuries and paralysis. I had to stay in bed for a month and then start rehabilitation.

During those days, I was never alone: friends from childhood, from university and from my soccer team took turns – day and night – to keep me company. They are my strength, and it’s only thanks to them that I haven’t lost my smile. Here in Kabul, there are explosions and attacks every day.

Before, I tried not to think about it. But now, hearing an ambulance siren is enough to be terrified again. I just want to go home to my baby.

We had decided to leave forever, but I became a paraplegic at 23 years of age. What will we do now?

-Suliman. Economics student, from our Surgical Centre for War Victims


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