COVID-19: Our Part For The Sikh Community In The Latina Area Of Italy

Europe is now at the centre of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the WHO. EMERGENCY is doing its part, which includes trying to communicate awareness and combat the spread of misleading news about the virus.

“Fake news is one of the main problems we are experiencing during this health emergency. People are often unable to receive the right information, which is sometimes due to their language ability”, says Gagandeep, EMERGENCY’s cultural mediator who is engaging with the Sikh community in the Latina area of Italymany of whom work in the agriculture and livestock sectors here.

“We have set up an ad hoc triage area outside our Mobile Clinic. Here, we can explain the main rules of how to prevent the virus and to provide them with health education.

We must inform them correctly to prevent false information from continuing to circulate, which has happened in the community.

It is essential that our voices are heard even louder than normal, despite the lack of cultural mediators in the area who can speak with the community – we are running low. To contain the outbreak, we must intercept as many people as possible, especially those who live on the margins of society.”


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