Giving the Right to Live a Healthy Life.

Do they look familiar to you? They do to us!

This is Peace from Nigeria. We introduced her to you more than one year ago when she came to Sudan with her mum to undergo corrective open heart surgery.

By the time she was discharged, this is how we captured her goodbye: smiling in her surgeon’s arms.
But despite geographical distance between Sudan and Nigeria, here at the Salam Centre, the goodbye is never a farewell. Indeed, as part of our commitment to patients’ lifelong cardiac treatment, we recently heard from Peace’s periodical follow-up session in Lagos.

Peace is very well. Her mum sent us a picture of them together ready for Peace’s birthday party.  A crown on her head, a red and white dress, and the same assured pose of the young lady you saw in the photo from a year ago.

This is what pushes us forward every day in this hospital, and everywhere we work around the world: giving the right to live a healthy life to as many people as possible.


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