We are Working to Ensure that No Life is Worth Less than Another.

What is the meaning behind these red T-shirts?
We can call it belief in free access to healthcare for all, but we may also call it ‘the spirit to live.’

We borrowed the poetry from Shima, an incredibly committed nurse from Sudan, who has been with us for 10 years already.

“I will never forget a patient named Khalifa,” she says, “admitted urgently at the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery for a blocked heart valve. The speed of the surgery wasn’t just thanks to expertise. Alessandro, the cardiac surgeon, wanted to give him the spirit to live, so he did amazing work.”

Her words couldn’t be more appropriate given the circumstances, because they picture how we strive for a fairer world where everyone has the same chance to be treated, and to survive.

COVID-19 is a global challenge, but there isn’t the equality of resources to respond as there should be.  Amidst it all, we stick to the concept of ‘the spirit to live’ – the staff who wear these T-shirts are not just doing a job, they are working to ensure that no life is worth less than another.


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