Stojadin’s Words Contain a Powerful Message.

“While in Western countries rheumatic disease is not only disappearing but mostly found in elderly patients, here in Africa we are tackling this heart disease in children and young adults. This is the reality.”

Stojadin is the current head of the nursing team at the Salam Centre, pictured in front. He arrived in Sudan from Serbia in 2010, starting out as an ICU nurse, and has extremely high standards:

“We try to change lives and everybody who works here needs to put a lot of effort in. Beyond being technically competent, you need a very proactive attitude and constantly maintain excellent levels of care. The first rule for staff here is to get involved and show you bring something to the team. It’s the team as a whole that makes the difference here.

When you arrive here, you think you are just a small cog in a big machine, but that’s never the case. You realise very quickly that you count just as much as your boss does, and you have to take care of the hospital as it was your own home. EMERGENCY’s Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery is a role model, because every one of the team here is a role model too.

Stojadin’s words contain a powerful message: by working together, we can achieve real change and provide the highest quality care.


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