“Whatever You Can Do to Improve the World is Never too Little”.

Motasim is part of this place: the EMERGENCY Peadiatric Clinic in Port Sudan.
He is a nurse and a pillar here, working with us for 9 years.

Behind him is a sign. As you can guess, this is the entrance of the hospital where we explain some basic rules. Here, as in every facility we run, we follow strict protocols and a joint effort is required in order to make everything work. But the benefits are worth it, because, as Motasim explains, “EMERGENCY doesn’t leave you. It follows you, even after treatment; we don’t have quick fix solutions, but provide healthcare that lasts a lifetime”.

Before joining us, Motasim worked as a manager in a local hospital, but then something happened. It was 2003, there was a dreadful road accident in the city, and many people died because there weren’t enough medical staff to deal with the emergency. That was the moment he decided to become a nurse and he started on the road to a career with EMERGENCY.

On World Humanitarian Day, we celebrate #RealifeHeros like Motasim, people who are motivated by the importance and spirit of never leaving anyone behind, people who spend their lives dedicated to humanitarian causes.

“When you have the chance to help people, do it, because whatever you can do to improve the world is never too little”.

We pay tribute to Motasim, to all our staff and humanitarians around the world. In these really difficult times, they are committed to making true positive change.



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