Dr Esra is the Embodiment of Competence and Dedication.

Meet Dr Esra who works at the Salam Centre in Sudan, restlessly assisting patients with one single intent: helping people.  

Dr Esra is the embodiment of competence and dedication. We wanted her to see more, to see the impact of her efforts here, and so people in need elsewhere could benefit from her tireless support.

So, she joined the cardiac screening mission in Nyala, where she made such a difference to patients from Darfur who received surgery. She also trained local medical officers to give continuity to the INR clinic inside EMERGENCY’s Nyala Paediatric Clinic and starting a collaboration with the Salam Centre for blood checks and post-surgery consultations. 

Dr Esra is the perfect person to support patients and their health recovery.

“When I got the chance to go on a mission to EMERGENCY’s Paediatric Centre in Nyala I hesitated a little, it being further than anywhere I had gone before, but then I realised it was the right thing to do. I would be doing my bit to help a lot of patients who couldn’t otherwise travel to Khartoum for their periodical check-ups, and this gave me an indescribably amazing feeling. I am the proof that EMERGENCY succeeds in reaching many people who are in desperate need of help by delivering high-quality and free lifelong medical care.
Unconditional love for EMERGENCY who taught me that challenging achievements are possible, and nothing is impossible. ” 

Dr Esra – Medical Officer



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