“I Love My Work Because I Know It’s Essential For The People In This Valley.”

Muzghan was born and brought up in the Panjshir Valley. She works in neonatal intensive care at our Maternity Centre in Anabah. It was her sister who first told her about our hospital. “It’s a place where treating patients is the priority. I’m sure you’d really learn a lot there,” she told her, encouraging her to study and apply.

There are significant gaps in Afghanistan’s healthcare system. The violent, enduring conflict here has made the system increasingly fragile and less fit to meet the Afghan people’s needs. This is why facilities like EMERGENCY’s Anabah Maternity Centre, where women can give birth safely, are essential for mothers and future mothers in Afghanistan.

All her difficulties aside, Muzghan’s family have always given her their unconditional support. After giving her the chance to study, her father walked her to the stop for the hospital bus every day, leaving her mother to take care of Muzghan’s little girl, who is two and a half years old.

“What do I want for the future? I want my daughter to have the chance to travel, which I haven’t had, and I want the situation in Afghanistan to get better, so our country can finally live in peace.”


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