EMERGENCY Welcomed the Uganda Heart Institute’s Training Board Committee

These photos come from Khartoum as we welcomed the Uganda Heart Institute’s Training Board Committee to our Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan.

It was a visit we are very proud of, which was the result of a long and fruitful collaboration. The Institute is the reference centre for cardiology in Uganda and one of the most well-known across Africa. For years, Uganda has been among the countries involved in our Regional Cardiac Surgery Programme for the referral of cardiac patients in need of specialist interventions. The three-day visit was a chance to lay the foundations for further collaboration in training and treatment. We shared our ongoing training model, which will involve young Ugandan specialising or specialist medics for training periods at the Salam Centre.

“This has always been an EMERGENCY goal: to train the medics of the future in order to sustainability strengthen the health systems of the countries we work in,” said Luca Rolla, our Country Director in Sudan.

During their stay, our Ugandan specialists in cardiology, cardiac surgery, aneasthesiology, and nursing were able to spend 2 ‘working days’ with the respective specialists at the Centre to get to see our daily activities in more detail.

We introduced EMERGENCY through the voices of our colleagues and those of the patients we welcome at the facility, and to whom we have been offering free and high-quality healthcare for 14 years.

A model of medicine that puts human rights and equality in practice. A model to be shared.


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