“Together, We Want to Prove That the Spirit of Solidarity Hasn’t Gone Away.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated inequalities and left many people in a dire socio-economic situation. While EMERGENCY continues to provide healthcare around the world every day, an incredible volunteer-led initiative is helping marginalised communities in Italy to get through the pandemic.

“It’s a big, dark void. You don’t hear much about it because, as some like to say, ‘It doesn’t make the news.’

Thousands of people have fallen into this sudden poverty thanks to Covid, and they can’t fight back.

Through our ‘Nobody Left Behind’ project in Naples, we support around 600 families who are in a really precarious position, working together with several local organisations to hand out packages of food and basic goods.

Together, we want to prove that the spirit of solidarity hasn’t gone away, and that we can fight back by sharing, by leaving no one behind – even if it doesn’t ‘make the news’.

‘Nobody Left Behind’ is us being there, giving up our time, to help those who are most in need now.”

– Peppino, spokesman for EMERGENCY’s ‘Nobody Left Behind’ project in Naples


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