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Everything is Ready for this New Chapter to Begin.

When we saw the initial sketches of the Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, Uganda, we could already imagine it: the work in the operating theatres, the training of local medical staff, all the patients we would treat.

We wanted a hospital that was beautiful, functional, welcoming, and that would become a place to give all patients the highest quality care.

Then, that sketch turned into a construction site, built on the foundations of quality and sustainability. Together with people, knowledge, experience, skills, calculations, and perspectives, we combined care with beauty, architecture, vision, and human rights.

It took three years for that construction site to become a hospital, which was almost ready to open in early 2020. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything and forced us to postpone.

Now, finally, everything is ready for this new chapter to beginanother milestone in our path to medicine, human rights and equality.


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