EMERGENCY’s Healthcare Network Is Open and Treating Whoever Is in Need.

“Yesterday, we received five patients with gunshot wounds from the airport. The chaos continues in that area. It is difficult to understand what’s going on, because those who come from there are suffering from severe post-traumatic stress, so they are not talking about what happened.”

Our Medical Coordinator in Kabul, Alberto Zanin, updates us on the latest from our hospital in the Afghan capital, where admissions have stabilised despite the ongoing disarray at the airport.

Our Kabul hospital is back to normal capacity. We have 100 beds – 20 are currently free.

EMERGENCY’s facilities in other parts of the country are experiencing differing levels of violence. Whilst the situation at the Surgical Centre for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah, Helmand, has quietened, the Panjshir Valley, where EMERGENCY runs a Maternity Centre and a Medical-Surgical hospital, is a growing cause for concern.

We are not currently receiving a large number of wounded people at our hospital in Anabah, Panjshir, but we are preparing for it. That’s why a group of nurses from our hospital in Kabul who have experience treating war injuries will shortly be travelling to the Valley to offer extra help to their colleagues, who are more used to working in an environment that is peaceful,” says Zanin.

But one fact remains clear across the country: EMERGENCY’s healthcare network is open and treating whoever is in need.

Photo: © Davide Preti

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