Fighting Continued in the Centre of Lashkar-Gah Last Night.

Fighting continued in the centre of Lashkar-Gah last night, the capital of Helmand province in Afghanistan. There was heavy shelling, they used machine guns, and shots were fired from helicopters – it was loud.

This morning, we received three severely wounded people, adding to the 14 others admitted in the previous 24 hours. There are many civilian victims: men, women, children, the elderly.

One of the patients who arrived this morning had been hit by a bullet 10 hours beforehand.

Many others cannot even reach our hospital, amidst the fear and difficulty of getting around.

We are working around the clock. Some of our local colleagues have told us that their families have had to flee their homes, while they decided to stay at the hospital and extend their shifts.

They have told us that our hospital is a safe place for them.

© Vincenzo Metodo (Archive Photo)


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