Terrible Violence Hits Kabul

Terrible violence hit Kabul today. Explosions in the vicinity of the airport, packed with people trying to leave the country, have left dozens of people dead and wounded.

The EMERGENCY Kabul Surgical Centre received a massive influx of patients almost immediately. We can confirm over 60 patients arrived so far, with more than a dozen already dead on arrival.

“We received terrible injuries due to the direct trauma of the explosion. There was panic around the hospital,” says Alberto Zanin, Medical Coordinator in Kabul. “Those who arrived could not speak, many were terrified, their eyes were totally lost in space, their gaze blank. We have rarely seen such a situation.”

“We received men, women and children. They are all Afghan civilians,” says Rossella Miccio, president of EMERGENCY. “Our hospital is overwhelmed with patients, and the staff are trying to identify the most serious cases. The facility was already 80% full before the explosions. Now, we added extra beds to admit wounded people coming from the airport in life-threatening conditions.”

“Fortunately we can count on very committed staff who have been working with us for years. There are over 1,300 Afghans working for EMERGENCY. All the surgeons in Kabul are from Afghanistan, trained by us, and who have been operating on thousands of their compatriots over the years. Their colleagues who had already finished their shifts went straight back to the hospital to help.


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