A Meeting at Our Mobile Clinic that Made Us Extremely Happy.

This is Mohammed.

We first met him in Milan almost a year ago through our Italy Programme, which provides free healthcare and social support to marginalised people and communities.

He comes from The Gambia and arrived in Italy in 2013, landing in Lampedusa. Before going to sea, he had been detained in a prison in Libya. He managed to escape, along with 300 other people, but told us that he was shot by local militias as a result.

The bullet hit his right leg. Due to lack of proper care, he had to have that leg amputated.

During our first meeting, Mohammed was wearing a damaged prosthesis, which had to be replaced as soon as possible.

EMERGENCY supported Mohammed with the health and administrative procedures to obtain a new prosthesis – a tricky process, especially for somebody in his circumstances. Our cultural mediators also assisted him to get the specialist care he needs, working with social workers to obtain a residence permit for medical treatment.

After months of treatment, Mohammed returned to our Mobile Clinic a few days ago to say goodbye. This is the photo we took with him: standing with a new prosthesis, his hand over his heart.


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