Do You Remember Mamadou from Guinea?

We received a very special photo from Guinea!

Do you remember Mamadou?

We introduced him to you three years ago when we told you the story of his 6,000-kilometre-long journey from Guinea to our Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan.

He received heart surgery on his third birthday.

Three more years have passed since.

A few days ago, our colleagues in the Regional Programme sent us a positive update on Mamadou’s health after his latest post-operative cardiac check-up in Guinea.

We also received greetings and affection from Mamadou’s family, including his uncle, who was the first person to approach EMERGENCY for help.

Here’s the latest photo we received: Mamadou, ready to go to school.

That’s why this photo is so special: Mamadou is a happy, joyful and healthy child. As all children should be.



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