‘Peace’ Is the Only Word They Tell Me in English

A. and I. did not have time to pack their bags before leaving.

A mortar hit next to their house, breaking all the glass and damaging an external wall. It was 13 March.

They lived in Mykolaïv, a large city between Kherson and Odessa. It is still under siege.
The couple managed to reach Palanca, the nearest Moldovan city, and from there they arrived in the capital Chişinău.

The journey was very tiring for A. because, due to a stroke he suffered three years ago, he cannot walk properly. They didn’t know anyone in the capital so, after a week, they decided to join a relative in Bălți.

A. and I. , never thought of moving away from Ukraine before the war. They want to return as soon as possible because they had to leave their only son I., who is 37 years old and had to stay, and 9 year old grandson A., in Mykolaïv.

They talk to them every day, trying to rebuild the life they lost on March 13.

A. visited EMERGENCY’s Mobile Clinic as he was feeling pain in his shoulder. He’s affected by periartritis. A. was provided with a medical checkup and the medicine he needs by Federica and Caterina, our Doctor and nurse on the ground.

‘Peace’. ‘Peace’ is the only word they tell me in English. They want peace. They want to return to Mykolaïv to hug their son and grandson.


Photo and Story collected by Davide Preti


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