The Children’s House

One year ago, EMERGENCY opened the state-of-the-art Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, Uganda, which puts the human right to healthcare into practice every day. It is above all a place that provides hope to its young patients and their families.

Combining medical, architectural and environmental excellence, the hospital is home to over 380 local and international colleagues working to provide free, high-quality surgical care for children from Uganda and beyond.

One year on since the facility opened, over 1,000 surgeries have been performed and around 7,000 children have received outpatient consultations.

‘The Children’s House’ transports you to Entebbe to see the project up close. It tells the story of our very first patient here, the colleagues that treated him, and the vision that underpins this extraordinary hospital.
This is a place where children can feel at home.

Video made by: Natia Docufilm


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