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Building Medical Excellence in Africa Also Means Investing in People, Who Will Put Their Skills at the Disposal of Their Patients.

They work side by side with the team at the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Khartoum, to expand their knowledge and skills to strengthen – once they’ll be back to Uganda – the healthcare system in their country.

They are doctos and nurses coming from the Uganda Heart Institute in Kampala. They will be staying with us at the Salam Centre for a specialist training.

“Thanks to the Regional Programme in Africa, we can not only treat adults and children from all over the continent free of charge, but also develop a series of collaborations and trans-regional agreements with facilities and training institutions.

Thus, we transfer to new generations the know-how they need to ensure high levels of care and cutting-edge treatment,” said Luca Rolla, EMERGENCY’s Regional Programme Manager.

Building medical excellence in Africa also means investing in people, who will put their skills at the disposal of their patients, and continuing our mission: ensuring the health and rights of people across the continent.


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