“If We Can Share Resources, We Can Generate Beauty.” 

In the words of Luisa, our Medical Coordinator in Uganda, the Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe aims “to hand over the hospital to local staff”, who are fully involved in the current management and functioning of the facility.  

As well as providing free and high-quality surgery to children up to 14 years of age, EMERGENCY strives to support the local healthcare system by fostering a new generation of local medical staff with: 

️ Lectures ️ Practical sessions ️ Simulations ️ ‘On-the-job’ training

Holistic tutoring so that young Ugandan doctors and nurses can make a long-term impact in their country.

“Even before the hospital opened, we international and local colleagues started delivering weekly lectures,” explains Dr Luisa. “Then, practical sessions, simulations, on-the-job activities. We have already achieved amazing results. Our local colleagues work independently and efficiently, forming the core of medical and managerial activities. Many of them may choose other routes later on, but this is our big goal – to contribute a high standard of medical training for staff that are then able to provide high-quality healthcare for the population.”

As Ivan, EMERGENCY’s Medical Officer from Uganda, said at the Children’s Surgical Hospital’s first anniversary celebrations: 

“We will continue to work with EMERGENCY and receive expertise. We’re very young. I thank those who support us: the resources in the world are not infinite, but if we can share them we can generate beauty for others.” 


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