The Pride And Determination Of Every Parent

Clever and his father arrived at our hospital in Entebbe last November after a 10-hour bus ride from Fort Portal on the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

His operation is one of over 1,000 surgeries we have performed in this first year of our paediatric surgery hospital in Uganda being open. His congenital condition, an anorectal malformation, is among the most common conditions among patients at the Children’s Surgical Hospital. 

Through a series of surgeries and a long hospital stay, Clever was able to resume his life and functions in a dignified manner. Last March, when a month after his discharge he returned to us at our request to undergo a new surgery and follow-up visits, his father had tearfully confided to us: 

“If you call us back because Clever needs more surgeries or check-ups in Entebbe, I will no longer be able to accompany him.” Despite the treatment being completely free, the money for the long and demanding journey had run out.

Upon hearing his words, we thought of asking him to apply for the position of cleaner at our hospital in Entebbe. How it turned out (or rather how it started) you can see from this photo: William, in every movement he makes, shines through the pride and determination of every parent to do everything (and more) for their children’s tomorrow. 



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